Over the Alps



Most of us only know one or just a few Alpine skiing resorts and the surrounding mountains - the ones where we usually go skiing. A lot remains hidden.

We wanted to change this by flying over and photographing/filming the most spectacular parts of the Alps in Austria, Switzerland, France and Italy. It took us 4 days between February 17 and February 20, 2015. The whole mission represented 16 flight hours or about 3000 km of flight and 2000 km of direct distance.

I did not feel comfortable flying, circling and photographing in the narrow Alpine valleys all on my own so I made an exception and took our photographer Jindrich Ilem with me. In addition to 2 outside cameras we had one video and one photographic camera in the cockpit.

To be able to generate the moving map which was (and still is) shown on this and other web sites, we carried GPS/GSM device which tracked our route down very precisely minute by minute. In addition, we were extremely lucky since the weather stayed perfect for 4 days which gave us the opportunity to fly over most of the Alpine area including the Mont Blanc massif which we circled from both the French and the Italian sides.

Here you can find the most interesting photographs of each of the four days. In a couple of weeks we will add the videos which are now being edited.



18.2.2015 Photo: Day 1 The mountains over Maria Alm, Austria

Day 1 includes photos from Zell am See, Grossglockner, Kutbzuhl and up to Innsbruck in Austria.  more

19.2.2015 Photo: Day 2 Only at 13.40 the sun burnt out the fog sitting over the airport of Innsbruck

The second day took us from Innsbruck over Brenner pass on the Austria/Italy border, then to Garmisch Partenkirchen on Austria/Germany border and then to Chur and Sion in Switzerland. Here are the best shots: more

20.2.2015 Photo: Day 3 Morning at Sion airport

Photos from the flight around Bern Alps - from Sion to Sion and from the later flight that day from Sion to Grenoble. Here you can see the peaks of Diablerets, Jungfrau, Monch, North Face of Eiger, Mont Blanc and several glaciers. more

21.2.2015 Photo: Day 4 Getting the engine ready for a start in minus 5 degrees C

Here you can find photographs of massif Mont Blanc from the Italian side, Matterhorn, Bernina, Bolzano, St Bernard pass, Dachstein and several more prominent Alpine mountains. more


Expedition 2015


Expedition 2015